22 November 2023

Barnafrid is behind two chapters in the recently published book Participatory Research on Child Maltreatment with Children and Adult Survivor. The book provides a comprehensive picture of how the rights of children and victims to express their views on the violence affecting them can be effectively collected and applied using methods and perspectives from different disciplines.

The book aims to explore, develop and share theoretical concepts, ethical considerations and research methods that are essential for collaborating in research with child and adult survivors of child abuse and violence.

The book's authors are members of a European network, Euro-CAN - Multisectoral Responses to Child Abuse and Neglect in Europe, supported by the European Union (COST Action 19106). The authors have come together in a special working group that aims to promote children's participation in research on violence in any of the many forms in which it affects children in order to help them live a better life. The authors represent different disciplines, including education, psychology, pediatrics and social work. They are academic researchers, health or social service professionals and active in civic organizations for children and survivors of violence.

The book is available for download under open access. Access the book here.

The book will be presented in a webinar via Zoom (Passcode: 287920) on November 22, 15-16.00. The webinar will be held in English. 


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