Organic nanoelectronics

Instrument för nanoelektronik och hand med pincett, närbild

Our focus is on creating innovative materials and devices that utilize ion-electron coupling to enhance the capabilities of future electronics.

The Organic Nanoelectronics group (ONE) specializes in creating and studying new multifunctional materials for various purposes, primarily in electronics and energy harvesting. Our group envisions a world where electronic components are seamlessly integrated into everyday objects and even the human body, constantly monitoring our health and transforming the way we interact and communicate with our surroundings. To achieve this, we focus on developing novel functional materials and devices with ion-electron coupled functionalities.

Our research is interdisciplinary, combining chemistry, physics, materials science, and device engineering. In our group, students and postdoctoral fellows can receive training in a wide range of areas, such as polymer synthesis, surface chemistry, printing, device fabrication, and the use of advanced techniques to analyze physical properties.

Our goal is to foster a research environment that promotes creativity and innovation. We focus on advancing the boundaries of polymer electronics and contributing to the development of transformative technologies that will shape a connected future.

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