06 August 2021

Visualisation Center C at Campus Norrköping won the prize for best 3D film at the international film festival Fulldome Festival in Brno, Czech Republic, on July 30, 2021. The film "Making magic 3D - A visual effects story" is the first in a series of five films for dome theaters , which is already gaining worldwide attention.

A big fire ball is about to hit the ground in an urban setting
photo of a talking man.Anders Ynnerman, Professor. Photo credit THOR BALKHEDFirst comes a big water wave and sweeps over a city, as a 3D effect of course. And the audience is greeted by a virtual splash of water on their faces. Followed by easily accessible descriptions of all the mathematics, technology and programming behind special effects on film. And everything is made with different special effects that are intended to be shown on dome theaters - in 3D and 360 - like the one at Visualisation Center C in Norrköping.

First time

"It is a spectacular experience for the viewer. And it's great that the first in a series of productions gets this attention. It will be important for us in this rather narrow industry, said Anders Ynnerman, professor and director of Visualisation Center C"."This is the first time that we really push for one of Norrköping's productions internationally, where we from the Visualisation Center produce dome films that will be licensed for screening all over the world".


The production Making Magic is one of five theme films made within the framework of the project Wisdome, Wallenberg Immersive Science Communication Dome. The funding comes from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, which distributed SEK 150 million for the development of films and advanced dome technology. As much as SEK 70 million went to Visualisation Center C, which is a consortium where LiU is included together with Norrköping Municipality, Norrköping Science Park and RISE.

Caption with dinosaur from the film Making Magic from Visualiseringscenter CCaption from the film Making Magic produced by Visualiseringscenter C in Norrköping.
Starting from Norrköping, there is now also a Wisdome theatre in Umeå. And in Malmö, Gothenburg, and Stockholm, dome theaters will be opened in the coming years.


The Fulldome Festival in Brno is one of the most significant in the world. Here, content managers for dome theaters and developers from different parts of the world meet. And now the film is going to hit this market. The film premiered in the autumn of 2020, in Norrköping, but due to the pandemic, the screenings were closed. Visualisation Center C in Norrkoping is now open with film screenings for a maximum of 25 people at a time. The center recommends booking a ticket in advance as many shows are sold out in the future.


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