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Anna Du Rietz




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Emil Björklund, Anna Du Rietz, Patrik Lundström (2022) Analysis of protein-ligand interactions from titrations and nuclear magnetic resonance relaxation dispersions Protein Science, Vol. 31, s. 301-307 Vidare till DOI


Xin Zhang, Chunfei Wang, Gang Feng, Jianxia Jiang, Jiwen Hu, Anna Du Rietz, Caroline Brommesson, Xuanjun Zhang, Yuguang Ma, Karin Roberg, Fengling Zhang, Han-Ming Shen, Kajsa Uvdal, Zhang-Jun Hu (2021) Tailorable Membrane-Penetrating Nanoplatform for Highly Efficient Organelle-Specific Localization Small, Vol. 17, Artikel 2101440 Vidare till DOI