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Asmae Lguensat, Andrea Coppola, Eric Augier (2023) Animal Models Used to Study Alcohol Use Disorder Alcohol and Alcohol-related Diseases, s. 665-685 Vidare till DOI
Gaëlle Augier, Veronika Schwabl, Asmae Lguensat, Mihai Atudorei, Osamudiamen Iyere, Sandra Eriksson Solander, Eric Augier (2023) Wistar rats choose alcohol over social interaction in a discrete-choice model Neuropsychopharmacology, Vol. 48, s. 1098-1107 Vidare till DOI


Zineb Boudjafad, Asmae Lguensat, Kenza Elmardadi, Asma Dahi, Mohamed Bennis, Saadia Ba-M'hamed, René Garcia (2022) The socially enriched environment test: a new approach to evaluate social behavior in a mouse model of social anxiety disorder Learning & memory (Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y.), Vol. 29, s. 390-400 Vidare till DOI


Asmae Lguensat, Zineb Boudjafad, Elodie Giorla, Mohamed Bennis, Christelle Baunez, René Garcia, Saadia Ba‐M'hamed (2021) Repeated ethanol exposure following avoidance conditioning impairs avoidance extinction and modifies conditioning‐associated prefrontal dendritic changes in a mouse model of post‐traumatic stress disorder European Journal of Neuroscience, Vol. 54, s. 7710-7732 Vidare till DOI
Asmae Lguensat, Christian Montanari, Cassandre Vielle, Mohamed Bennis, Saadia Ba-M’hamed, Christelle Baunez, René Garcia (2021) Repeated cocaine exposure prior to fear conditioning induces persistency of PTSD-like symptoms and enhancement of hippocampal and amygdala cell density in male rats Brain Structure and Function, Vol. 226, s. 2219-2241 Vidare till DOI