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Bastian Wandt

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My main research interests are human motion capture and 3D reconstruction. A special focus lies on the application of machine learning techniques such as deep learning, dimensionality reduction and compressed sensing.



Jan Thies Brockmann, Marco Rudolph, Bodo Rosenhahn, Bastian Wandt (2024) The voraus-AD Dataset for Anomaly Detection in Robot Applications IEEE Transactions on robotics, Vol. 40, s. 438-451 Vidare till DOI


Karl Holmquist, Bastian Wandt (2023) DiffPose: Multi-hypothesis Human Pose Estimation using Diffusion Models 2023 IEEE/CVF INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON COMPUTER VISION (ICCV 2023), s. 15931-15941 Vidare till DOI
Michael Zwölfer, Dieter Heinrich, Bastian Wandt, Helge Rhodin, Jörg Spörri, Werner Nachbauer (2023) A graph-based approach can improve keypoint detection of complex poses: a proof-of-concept on injury occurrences in alpine ski racing Scientific Reports, Vol. 13, Artikel 21465 Vidare till DOI
Karl Holmquist, Bastian Wandt (2023) Diffpose: Multi-hypothesis human pose estimation using diffusion models
Marco Rudolph, Tom Wehrbein, Bodo Rosenhahn, Bastian Wandt (2023) Asymmetric Student-Teacher Networks for Industrial Anomaly Detection 2023 IEEE/CVF WINTER CONFERENCE ON APPLICATIONS OF COMPUTER VISION (WACV), s. 2591-2601 Vidare till DOI