Bo Sernelius

Professor emeritus




John Rundgren, Bo Sernelius, Wolfgang Moritz (2021) Low-energy electron diffraction with signal electron carrier-wave wavenumber modulated by signal exchange-correlation interaction Journal of Physics Communications, Vol. 5, Artikel 105012 Vidare till DOI


A. Ferreira da Silva, M. A. Toloza Sandoval, A. Levine, E. Levinson, H. Boudinov, Bo Sernelius (2020) Heavily n-doped Ge: Low-temperature magnetoresistance properties on the metallic side of the metal-nonmetal transition Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 127, Artikel 045705 Vidare till DOI


Bo E. Sernelius (2018) Fundamentals of van der Waals and Casimir Interactions


Bo E. Sernelius (2017) Core-level spectra from bilayer graphene FlatChem, Vol. 1, s. 6-10 Vidare till DOI


Fanqi Meng, Mark D. Thomson, Bo Sernelius, Michael Joerger, Hartmut G. Roskos (2015) Ultrafast dynamic conductivity and scattering rate saturation of photoexcited charge carriers in silicon investigated with a midinfrared continuum probe Physical Review B. Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, Vol. 91, s. 075201- Vidare till DOI