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Dzeneta Nezirevic Dernroth




Bertil Kågedal, Anders Helldén, Dzeneta Nezirevic Dernroth, Anders Andersen, Andreas Ekman, Mats Haglund, Bharti Kataria, Frida Oskarsson, Lovisa Tobieson, Åse Östholm Balkhed, Håkan Hanberger (2023) Determination of glomerular filtration rate, a spin off aftercontrast-enhanced computed tomography among criticallyill patients − proof of concept


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Natalja Jackmann, Jan Gustafsson, Arja Harila-Saari, Gustaf Ljungman, Dzeneta Dernroth, Per Frisk, Outi Makitie (2021) Prevalence of and factors influencing vitamin D deficiency in paediatric patients diagnosed with cancer at northern latitudes Acta Paediatrica, Vol. 110, s. 2252-2258 Vidare till DOI


Natalja Jackmann, Outi Makitie, Arja Harila-Saari, Jan Gustafsson, Dzeneta Nezirevic Dernroth, Per Frisk (2020) Vitamin D status in children with leukemia, its predictors, and association with outcome Pediatric Blood & Cancer, Vol. 67, Artikel e28163 Vidare till DOI


Erik Tesselaar, Dzeneta Nezirevic Dernroth, Simon Farnebo (2017) Acute effects of coffee on skin blood flow and microvascular function Microvascular Research, Vol. 114, s. 58-64 Vidare till DOI