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Giane Benvinda Damas




Giane Damas, Karl Rönnby, Henrik Pedersen, Lars Ojamäe (2023) Thermal decomposition of trimethylindium and indium trisguanidinate precursors for InN growth: An ab initio and kinetic modeling study Journal of Chemical Physics, Vol. 158, Artikel 174313 Vidare till DOI


Giane Damas, Karl Rönnby, Henrik Pedersen, Lars Ojamäe (2022) Understanding indium nitride thin film growth under ALD conditions by atomic scale modelling: From the bulk to the In-rich layer Applied Surface Science, Vol. 592, Artikel 153290 Vidare till DOI
Cleber F.N. Marchiori, Giane Damas, C. Moyses Araujo (2022) Tuning the photocatalytic properties of porphyrins for hydrogen evolution reaction: An in-silico design strategy Journal of Power Sources Advances, Vol. 15, Artikel 100090 Vidare till DOI


Giane Benvinda Damas, Dmytro A. Ivashchenko, Ivan Rivalta, C. Moyses Araujo (2021) Carbon dioxide reduction mechanism on Ru-based electrocatalysts [Ru(bpy)(2)(CO)(2)](2+): insights from first-principles theory Sustainable Energy & Fuels, Vol. 5, s. 6066-6076 Vidare till DOI
Giane Benvinda Damas, Luciano T. Costa, Rajeev Ahuja, C. Moyses Araujo (2021) Understanding carbon dioxide capture on metal-organic frameworks from first-principles theory: The case of MIL-53(X), with X = Fe3+, Al3+, and Cu2+ Journal of Chemical Physics, Vol. 155, Artikel 024701 Vidare till DOI