Jerker Karlsson



Jerker Karlsson (2024) Abdominal Aortic Wall Mechanics - Stress, Strain and Stiffness in A Medical Perspective: An Experimental Study in Man


Jerker Karlsson, Jonas Stålhand, Carl-Johan Carlhäll, Toste Länne, Jan Engvall (2022) Abdominal Aortic Wall Cross-coupled Stiffness Could Potentially Contribute to Aortic Length Remodeling Artery Research, Vol. 28, s. 113-127 Vidare till DOI


Håkan Åstrand, Jonas Stålhand, Jerker Karlsson, Matts Karlsson, B. Sonesson, Toste Länne (2011) In vivo estimation of the contribution of elastin and collagen on the mechanical properties in the abdominal aorta of man: effect of age and gender Journal of applied physiology, Vol. 110, s. 8750-8757 Vidare till DOI