Lotta Fornander

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Nina Fredäng Kämmerling, Erik Tesselaar, Ronald Booij, Lotta Fornander, Anders Persson, Simon Farnebo (2024) A comparative study of image quality and diagnostic confidence in diagnosis and follow-up of scaphoid fractures using photon-counting detector CT and energy-integrating detector CT European Journal of Radiology, Vol. 173, Artikel 111383 Vidare till DOI
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Abraham Nilsson, Anna Maria Nerhall, Ivan Vechetti, Lotta Fornander, Simon Wiklund, Björn Alkner, Jörg Schilcher, Ferdinand von Walden (2022) A prophylactic subcutaneous dose of the anticoagulant tinzaparin does not influence qPCR-based assessment of circulating levels of miRNA in humans PLOS ONE, Vol. 17, Artikel e0277008 Vidare till DOI
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