Mikael Ohlsson

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Mikael Ohlsson (2023) The significance of species groups for food web structure and functioning


Mikael Ohlsson, Anna Eklöf (2020) Spatial resolution and location impact group structure in a marine food web Ecology Letters, Vol. 23, s. 1451-1459 Vidare till DOI
Alyssa R. Cirtwill, Giulio V. Dalla Riva, Nick J. Baker, Mikael Ohlsson, Isabelle Norstrom, Inger-Marie Wohlfarth, Joshua A. Thia, Daniel B. Stouffer (2020) Related plants tend to share pollinators and herbivores, but strength of phylogenetic signal varies among plant families New Phytologist, Vol. 226, s. 909-920 Vidare till DOI