History of European Identity, 7.5 hp

History of European Identity

VT 2020, Helfart, Linköping

History of European Identity, 7.5 hp

HT 2020, Helfart, Linköping

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History of European Identity, 7.5 hp

VT 2021, Helfart, Linköping

It is impossible to understand Europe without asking questions about what turns Europeans into Europeans! These are questions about collective identity. This course offers an introduction to these complex issues. What is European identity? Does it exist, how did it develop, what is the role played by, religion, tradition, culture and politics? A guiding thought is that the history of Europe can be seen as a constantly changing system of networks that enables people to exchange ideas, trade, and culture. An important question is what can unite and what can split people in Europe? 

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