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Fergus Bisset, Ana Kustrak Korper (2023) What did we actually design here and what purpose did it serve?: Some generative metaphors for understanding service design in the Swedish public sector NORDES 2023 Exploratory Papers Continue to DOI


Ana Kuštrak Korper (2022) Innovating Innovation: Understanding the Role of Service Design in Service Innovation
Ana Kustrak Korper, Stefan Holmlid, Lia Patricio (2022) The role of meaning in service innovation: a conceptual exploration Journal of service theory and practice, Vol. 32, p. 179-198 Continue to DOI


Ana Kustrak Korper, Maren Purrmann, Kristina Heinonen, Werner Kunz (2020) Towards a Better Understanding of Smart Services: A Cross-Disciplinary Investigation EXPLORING SERVICE SCIENCE (IESS 2020), p. 164-173 Continue to DOI
Ana Kustrak Korper, Lia Patricio, Stefan Holmlid, Lars Witell (2020) Service design as an innovation approach in technology startups: a longitudinal multiple case study Creativity and Innovation Management, Vol. 29, p. 303-323 Continue to DOI

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