I work with languages, tools and development methods for efficiently creating software games and related software applications. I also have a soft spot for generative art and new technology.


My main research focus is currently;

  • Web-based single-camera movment-based gaming. Developing algoritms for image processing and feedback as well as aspects of game design and game mechanics that work together to make a functional whole for movement for games for health.
  • How to design serious games to teach through entertainment. Game design and game mechanical concerns for successful serious-games. 
  • Generative approaches to the creation of assets and content in games as well as in physical products. Creative coding and automatization in the idea process. Hybrid approaches to code-based creativity and design.


My teaching at LiU is focused on game programing, mobile and web programing. I also teach an introductory programming and generative design course in python.

TDDD23 Design and Programming of Computer Games
Since: 2008
About 100 students developing games using primarily C# XNA Game Studio and Game Maker but also any dedicated game library of students choice. Design focus on core game play, in game tutoring, and progression.

TDDD27 Advanced Web Programming
Since: 2002
About 150 students developing advanced web projects, ranging from online games to web stores. Technichal focus on framwork on client- and server-side, single-sign-on user authentification, rich internet application and web 2.0 user experience. State of the art web projects using technologies such as PHP, ASP, GWT, Javascript, DJango, Ruby, Jquery.

TDDD57 Physical interaction and game programming

Since: 2012
About 30 students learning design and development of touch-less and full-body interaction.  

TDP028 Project: Entrepreneurial Programming

Since: 2009
About 35 students learning about the software development when marketing and sales becomes functional requirements of the software development process. this is packaged in an Android app context.




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