My research aim is to use principles and knowledge from the scientific field of Human Factors to solve practical problems in safety-critical domains.

Human Factors

Human Factors as a science aims to use knowledge about how humans work, cognitively and physiologically, to design efficient, safe, and usable technical systems and environments.

The core of Human Factors is the theoretical knowledge about the human, e.g. how we remember things, how we allocate our attentional resources, or how stress can affect behavior. Based on the scientific evidence developed in this core we can then design the interaction between the person and his or her environment, for instance a workplace or technical aids.

My research

My research, more specifically, is centered around three main areas:
1. Simulation-based training of knowledge and skills,
2. Stress and mental workload, and
3. Usable technology

Questions such as “how can we use simulators to train medical skills in order to improve patient safety?”, “how will new technology affect the mental workload in emergency medical command and control?”, or “what are the effects of workload transitions on operator stress and performance?” has driven my research.

Emergency Response Systems – Sociotechnical Systems that Saves Lives

Many of my projects are oriented to what we in Sweden call the “blue light organizations”, that is the rescue services, the police, and the emergency medicine services. Emergency medical systems and disaster and emergency medicine, in particular, are a large part of my research. In these projects, I and other researchers from a variety of scientific fields (e.g., computer science, medicine, or psychology) collaborate to improve the emergency response system. It can be designing more efficient training for ambulance staff, or develop new technical aids for fire fighters. The overall goal is to create the necessary foundation for an improved response system, for both everyday accidents and major disasters, in order to save more lives.

Me, briefly

• Born 1985
• Master of Science degree in Cognitive Science, Linköping University, 2010
• PhD degree in Human Factors Psychology from Old Dominion University i Norfolk, Virginia, USA, 2014
• Researcher at RISE SICS East 2014-2017
• Research Fellow in Cognitive Science at Linköping University 2014 - Currently

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