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My work is within the area of Semantic Web and Ontologies. More specifically, my research interest is related to ontology engineering, ontology-driven data access and integration with an application in the Materials Design Domain.


I am a Postdoc at the Department of Computer and Information Science (IDA) at Linköping University, Sweden. I am interested in problems to the data access and data integration over heterogeneous data sources. In particular, my research focuses on ontology-based knowledge representation in order to alleviate heterogeneity among data sources and to apply ontology-based technologies in specific domains such as the material design domain. Additionally, I am interested in problems related to ontology engineering such as ontology development, ontology extension and ontology alignment.

Since 2016, I co-organized the Anatomy Track and the Interactive Track of the Ontology Alignment Evaluation Initiative (OAEI), which is a yearly event for evaluating ontology alignment systems. I have led the evaluation work for these two tracks during the last years.

I am a member of the DCMD (Data-Driven Materials Design) group of the Swedish e-Science Research Centre (SeRC). I am also a member of an OPTIMADE (Open Databases Integration for Materials Design) discussion group on ontologies. I have presented my work at meetings in these two groups, as well as other materials science venues, such as FAIR Data Infrastructure for Materials Genomics, European Materials Modelling Council (EMMC) Multiscale Modelling of Materials and Molecules.

I was honored with the Lawson Stipendium (for PhD students) from IDA (as the first receiver), for my work related to the ontology matching community and the materials science community at an international level.

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CV in brief

  • Postdoc at ADIT (from 2022-09)
  • Research Engineer at ADIT (2022-06 to 2022-08)
  • PhD in Computer Science (2022-05), LiU
  • Research Assistant at ADIT (2016-12 to 2017-04)
  • MSc. Information Technology, LiU (2016)
  • MEng. Software Engineering, HIT (2016)
  • BEng. Software Engineering, HIT (2014)


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