27 April 2023

Linköping University is ranked 118th of the world’s 2000 best universities in the category Economics and Business, according to the news site U.S. News in their annual global ranking of universities.

Winter at the Campus Valla.
Linköping University, Campus Valla, in winter Teiksma Buseva

U.S. News logotyp. "The ranking confirms that we do great work. This strengthens our self confidence and self-image in a positive way. The ranking will likely make it easier for us to recruit staff and students, both nationally and internationally," says Göran Hägg, associate professor and former Economics programme coordinator.

Here is a selection from the U.S. News’ ranking:

  • In the category “Economics and Business”, LiU is ranked 118th in the world and third in Sweden.
  • In the category “Economics and Business percentage of highly cited papers that are among the top 1 % most cited”, LiU is ranked twelfth in the world.
  • In the category “Economics and Business percentage of total publications that are among the 10 % most cited”, LiU is ranked 15th in the world.

Another category affecting IEI is Materials Science, where LiU is ranked 86th in the world.

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U.S. News have ranked American universities for 40 years. Nine years ago, they also started ranking globally. The ranking is based on reputation, both regarding the quantity and the quality of research, in this case Economics. The overall ranking of the best universities globally in this ranking includes 2,000 universities in over 95 countries. In total, there are around 24,000 universities in the world.

U.S. News have used Clarivate, a British-American analytics company in, among other things, business market information and bibliometrics. Within the academia, Clarivate calculates the impact factor through different services and applications.

What does it mean for the organisation to be seen in this context?
"What gives the subject of Economics at IEI a high ranking is the last criteria, the high quality of our research. In the number of most cited publications and in “impact”, we are ranked on the same level as the world’s top universities. This means that our researchers are productive, that their research is being acknowledged, and that we get a quality mark that shows that we conduct relevant research," Göran Hägg says.

What are the most important factors in order be successful in this kind of context?
"There are many factors, that we have little control over, and that should align. I can only speak for the work we do at the division of Economics. On our part, it has to do with us recruiting young and promising researchers, and that we try to create a work environment where all co-workers are shown trust, feels safe, are seen, have influence, and develop in a creative environment," Göran Hägg says.

He also mentions that the division has worked to develop their research in close collaboration with the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, who has helped with strategic efforts.

"Some of the research areas at the division of Economics, which are successful today, are new ventures that have been introduced during the last 15 years. Examples of this are the research into the labour market and discrimination, behavioural economics, financial economics, and neuro economics. The close collaboration with the Faculty of Arts and Sciences has been a success factor."

What are your hopes for future, similar rankings?
"That we can continue to produce high quality research that is acknowledged internationally. Many of our successful researchers are young and the future is bright. And that we can improve the work environment and well-being in the workplace. Compared to other universities, it is hard for us to compete salary wise. Talent can quickly disappear if the staff is not comfortable and we do not provide the right conditions," Göran Hägg says.


Translation by  Erika Andersson Sapir

IEI in U.S. News ranking

3 in Sweden

In the category “Economics and Business”, LiU is ranked 188th in the world and third in Sweden.

12 in the world

In the category “Economics and Business percentage of highly cited papers that are among the top 1 % most cited”, LiU is number twelve in the world.

15 in the world

In the category “Economics and Business percentage of total publications that are among the 10 % most cited”, LiU ranks at 15th place worldwide.



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