09 September 2021

From June 2021, Mohamed Loukil started his position as associate professor at division of Engineering Materials at Linköping University. Dr. Loukil has ten years of experience on research and development related to polymer composites. Now he will develop composite material research field at LiU.

Mattias Calmunger och Mohamed Loukil Associate Professor and Head of Division Engineering materials Mattias Calmunger and Associate professor Mohamed Loukil Viktor Norman

His area of expertise is damage characterization of composite materials for aerospace applications. Dr. Loukil has a docent title from Linköping University, and he has a double PhD degree in Composite Materials from Luleå University of Technology in Sweden and from University of Lorraine in France.

The Division of Engineering Materials at Linköping University sees the potential in the development of the composite materials research.

“It is a new-old research area for us, which was not very active for almost 15 years. Our focus will be on few areas of research such as composite manufacturing, joining, mechanical testing (fatigue, quasi-static) and microstructural characterization”, says associate professor and the head of the division Mattias Calmunger.

The division has already well-established cooperation with the industry and knows that the demand for skilled engineers is excessive. Newly recruited researcher Mohamed Loukil talks about the requirements within industry and future plans.

 “There is a big need from industries in Linköping such as SAAB and RUAG Space to get engineers with great knowledge about composite materials. In short term period, we need to teach more courses about composite materials, and get more successful research projects in collaboration with industries. In long term period, we want to see Linköping University as one of the most attractive universities in Sweden and Europe to study composite and do research in composite materials.

Mohamed Loukil has coordinated several project proposals for national and European calls.

“We are planning to significantly increase our participation and contribution to project proposals in order to obtain external research funding. Securing external funding through project proposals is the key to employ PhD students and postdocs,” says associated professor Mohamed Loukil.



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