18 September 2023

Do you already play in an orchestra or do you want to try playing in an orchestra? Bring your orchestral instrument and come and play lots of fun and exciting works for symphony orchestras!

Parts of the string section in an orchestra with five people playing the violin.

Linköping University Symphony Orchestra (LAO) invites the region’s instrumentalists to an afternoon where everyone will play a vista together under the direction of assistant director musices Merete Ellegaard. A vista, or actually “prima vista”, means reading the notes for the first time.

- "Our own musicians will be there, but we hope that many more instrumentalists will come and play with us,” says Merete Ellegaard, conductor. “It will be fun to meet other musicians and play together. 

The participants will get to practise their ability to read notes and get the opportunity to develop as an orchestra musician by playing with musicians that they are not used to, and by playing under a different conductor. If you have never played in an orchestra before, it will be a first lesson in what it means to be in a symphony orchestra. 

- “You will get to play fun, famous and lesser-known music with like-minded people in relaxed circumstances. You can borrow notes on site. We offer afternoon coffee, which provides a great opportunity to mingle and talk music, or anything else, with other orchestral musicians and make new orchestral contacts. If you play in a symphony orchestra other than LAO, you can take the repertoire list back to your orchestra and give suggestions of pieces that you enjoyed playing during the day.”

The event is completely free of charge. It is held in collaboration with the Östergötland district of the Association of Swedish Orchestras, and their chairperson will be in attendance. 

- “My ambition is to develop the a vista day into a recurring event, but with different focuses. This first pilot will deliver a smorgasbord of pieces suitable for orchestra associations. It will be quite broad-ranged – both in terms of difficulty and music style,” says Merete Ellegaard.

Welcome to Kulturskolan's orchestral room, Östgötagatan 17, Linköping, 30 September, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. 

Registration: Email info@laorkester.se or fill out a form here.



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