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Saad Nagi, Andrew G. Marshall, Adarsh Makdani, Ewa Jarocka, Jaquette Liljencrantz, Mikael Ridderstrom, Sumaiya Shaikh, Francis ONeill, Dimah Saade, Sandra Donkervoort, A. Reghan Foley, Jan Minde, Mats Trulsson, Jonathan Cole, Carsten G. Bonnemann, Alexander T. Chesler, M. Catherine Bushnell, Francis McGlone, Håkan Olausson (2019)

Science Advances , Vol.5 Vidare till DOI

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Rebecca Böhme, Steven Hauser, Gregory J. Gerling, Markus Heilig, Håkan Olausson (2019)

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America , Vol.116 , s.2290-2299 Vidare till DOI

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Mattias Savallampi, Anne Maallo, Sumaiya Shaikh, Francis McGlone, Frederique J. Bariguian-Revel, Håkan Olausson, Rebecca Böhme (2023) Social Touch Reduces Pain Perception-An fMRI Study of Cortical Mechanisms Brain Sciences, Vol. 13, Artikel 393 Vidare till DOI
Oumie Thorell, Johannes Ydrefors, Mats Svantesson, Björn Gerdle, Håkan Olausson, David A. Mahns, Saad S. Nagi (2023) Investigations into an overlooked early component of painful nociceptive withdrawal reflex responses in humans Frontiers in Pain Research, Vol. 3, Artikel 1112614 Vidare till DOI
Lisa Radman, Andrew Wold, Kerstin Norman, Håkan Olausson, Magnus Thordstein (2023) Hand Function After an Electrical Accident-A Case-Control Study Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Vol. 65, s. 242-248 Vidare till DOI