Fotografi av Anders Helmersson

Anders Helmersson

Adjungerad professor




Ke Wang Helmersson, Pål Frenger, Anders Helmersson (2023) Robust precoding weights for downlink D-MIMO in 6G Communications


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Erik Hedberg, Johan Löfberg, Anders Helmersson (2020) A pedagogical path from the internal model principle to Youla-Kucera parametrization IFAC PAPERSONLINE, s. 17374-17379 Vidare till DOI


Oskar Ljungqvist, Daniel Axehill, Anders Helmersson (2016) Path following control for a reversing general 2-trailer system 2016 IEEE 55TH CONFERENCE ON DECISION AND CONTROL (CDC), s. 2455-2461 Vidare till DOI