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Rebecka Pestoff, Henrik Danielsson, Marion McAllister, Peter Johansson, Cecilia Gunnarsson (2024) Translation, cross-cultural adaptation, and preliminary validation of a patient-reported outcome measure for genetic counseling outcomes in Sweden Journal of Genetic Counseling Vidare till DOI


Rebecka A. Pestoff (2023) Improving Access and Quality of Genetic Counselling in Clinical Care in Sweden: The Value of eHealth Solutions and a Validated Outcome Measure


Rebecka Pestoff (2022) Recension: Efterlängtat om genetisk vägledning Läkartidningen
Rebecka Pestoff, Peter Johansson, Henrik Danielsson, Margit Neher, Cecilia Gunnarsson (2022) Rapid Implementation of Telegenetic Counseling in the COVID-19 and Swedish Healthcare Context: A Feasibility Study Frontiers in Health Services, Vol. 2 Vidare till DOI


Rebecka Pestoff, Karin Svensson, Milena Paneque, Charlotta Ingvoldstad Malmgren (2020) Developing a national certification pathway for genetic counselors in Sweden-a short report Journal of Community Genetics, Vol. 11, s. 113-117 Vidare till DOI