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Tetsuhide Shimizu



Tetsuhide Shimizu, Kazuki Takahashi, Robert Boyd, Rommel Paulo Viloan, Julien Keraudy, Daniel Lundin, Ming Yang, Ulf Helmersson (2021) Low temperature growth of stress-free single phase alpha-W films using HiPIMS with synchronized pulsed substrate bias Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 129, Artikel 155305 Vidare till DOI
Tetsuhide Shimizu, Michal Zanaska, R. P. Villoan, Nils Brenning, Ulf Helmersson, Daniel Lundin (2021) Experimental verification of deposition rate increase, with maintained high ionized flux fraction, by shortening the HiPIMS pulse Plasma sources science & technology, Vol. 30, Artikel 045006 Vidare till DOI


Julien Keraudy, Robert Boyd, Tetsuhide Shimizu, Ulf Helmersson, P-Y Jouan (2018) Phase separation within NiSiN coatings during reactive HiPIMS discharges: A new pathway to grow NixSi nanocrystals composites at low temperature Applied Surface Science, Vol. 454, s. 148-156 Vidare till DOI


Tetsuhide Shimizu, Michelle M Villamayor, D. Lundin, Ulf Helmersson (2016) Process stabilization by peak current regulation in reactive high-power impulse magnetron sputtering of hafnium nitride Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, Vol. 49, s. 065202- Vidare till DOI