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22 Mars 2023

Structural integrity and durability of aircraft structure

Ämne: Hållfasthetslära
Föreläsare: Zlatan Kapidzic, IEI
Tid: 15:15-16:00 
Plats: ACAS, A Building, Campus Valla

Abstract: (finns bara på engelska):

Structural strength, durability and damage tolerance are important issues for aircraft flight safety and economic life. To achieve and maintain adequate levels of these properties during the entire service life of the aircraft, the manufacturer performs a structural integrity assessment program. The program addresses all aspects that affect aircraft structural integrity, such as material properties, manufacturing, function, loading, operational conditions and maintenance. In this context, understanding the structural and material behavior under loading and the ability to predict them is essential. Traditionally, this knowledge has largely been based on experimental and development testing and today numerical simulations are increasingly used also. A large part of contemporary research is directed towards development of material modelling and simulation technique. As the requirements for light weight in aircraft structures continue to increase, so does the need to consider new materials and structural solutions and to understand their properties, function and the effects it has on service life and structural integrity. This lecture will give an outline of the aircraft structural integrity program and show some fatigue and damage tolerance related issues in fighter aircraft structure. Typical failure behavior of composite and metal will be presented and how they can be modelled in a hybrid, bolted and integrated structures. Some highlights of the resent research and an outlook towards the future trends will be given.

1 mars 2023

Image synthesis and augmentation for data-centric machine learning

Ämne: Visualisering och medieteknik
Föreläsare: Gabriel Eilertsen, ITN
Tid: 15:30-16:15 
Plats: K2, Kåkenhus, Campus Norrköping

Abstract (finns bara på engelska):

Machine learning (ML), especially by means of deep learning, has made substantial progress over the last decade, e.g., for solving complex problems such as image classification, medical diagnosis, personalized recommendations, and natural language processing. However, the data-hungry nature of deep learning means that the full potential of a model is often inhibited by lack of data. Deep learning so far has to a large extent been model-centric, and the general view on data has been "more is better". In most situations there could be larger gains in improving the training data, in a data-centric formulation. In imaging applications, one promising technique for expanding and improving training data is through image synthesis. With the advancements of generative deep learning, there are many possibilities for data-centric ML in the intersection between computer graphics and deep generative modeling.
This lecture will introduce data-centric ML and image synthesis, and highlight some projects within computer vision and computer graphics where data has been in focus. This includes, e.g., data augmentation techniques for deep high dynamic range image reconstruction and for self-supervised learning, as well as deep generative modeling for data augmentation, anonymization, and anomaly detection. One of the main application areas has been medical imaging, and in particular digital pathology. Here, data-centricity and image synthesis is especially promising since data is expensive to capture, relies on medical expertise for annotation, and is of sensitive and protected nature.

22 februari 2023

Conceptual Aircraft Systems Engineering

Ämne: Fluida och mekatroniska system 
Föreläsare: Ingo Staack, IEI
Tid: 15:15-16:00 
Plats: DESI, A-huset, Campus Valla

Abstract (finns bara på engelska):

Aircraft systems engineering at an early design stage is a balancing act between aircraft conceptual design, onboard (power)systems architecture engineering, and complex system/product development. Managing this multidisciplinary design and engineering trade-offs is an advanced task, exceeding classical aircraft engineering. This lecture will give a deeper understanding of the challenges, the current state of the art, and the research forefront of today´s aircraft conceptual design work. The main focus will be on the missing puzzle pieces required to solve tomorrow’s challenges, such as tighter integrated products acting in a so-called system of systems (SoS), data-driven engineering, and the even more complex architecture of novel highly integrated or hybrid propulsion systems. To find the best holistic design solution, extensive modelling (abstraction) and simulation are required. Model-based systems engineering (MBSE) with intensive and integrated use of different modelling approaches is the key factor to solve this goal, including (sub)systems architecture engineering already during the initial design stage.

13 februari 2023

Some thoughts on aircraft conceptual design

Ämne: Fluida och mekatroniska system 
Föreläsare: Christopher Jouannet, IEI
Tid: 13:15-14:00 
Plats: A35, A-huset, Campus Valla

Abstract (finns bara på engelska):

The lecture will give an overview of aircraft conceptual design challenges from an industrial and research perspective. Aircraft development is characterized by relative long development time with new technologies to be incorporated and uncertainties in requirements. Traditional focus on aeronautical engineering is not enough to cover the new challenges faced by the industry, where an increased interconnection with the operational environment imposed new development methods. Leading to a need of studying the envisioned product or system in the context of system of systems (SoS) engineering. The lecture will explain the basic concept and some main elements of aircraft conceptual design with special regards towards multi-disciplinary optimization, technology assessment and System-of Systems. Examples of industrial challenges links to research will be presented, with reference to actual achievement and outlooks on future needs.


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