Business Administration 3 - Management Control

VT 2024, Helfart, Linköping

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Business Administration 3 - Management Control

VT 2025, Helfart, Linköping

This course consists of three parts. The first part, Management Control 7,5 ECTS credits, focuses on the structures and processes whereby an organization tries to implement its strategic goals and efficient use of resources in order to attain organizational effectiveness. The second part, Project Management 7,5 ECTS credits, gives an introduction to the expanding field of project management and the analysis of problems in project management and project-based companies, such as the management of single projects, risk management, and the management and organization of project-based firms. The last part of the course consists of the preparation and completion of a bachelor thesis, 15 ECTS credits.

The selection to this course is made on basis of completed academic credits in the subject Business Administration. The academic credits must be available on by the last day of application.

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