SWEPPE - A Sustainable WorkEr - An innovative digital support for Persons with chronic Pain and their Employers

The overall aim of the project is to develop and evaluate a digital support tool, SWEPPE, for persons with chronic pain and their employers to facilitate a sustainable return to work.

The hypothesis is that by using the digital support tool the number of days of sick leave can be reduced and health related quality of life can be improved. For the individual chronic pain impacts work ability, social functioning, mental health and quality of life. In addition to these serious individual effects, chronic pain comes with significant societal expenses.

Patients’ usually have return to work as their primary goal during rehabilitation and being able to work is strongly associated with health and quality of life. Earlier and on-going research have shown that patients’ often feel prepared with knowledge after rehabilitation but may have difficulties to apply their new experiences to their work situation. Therefore, both patients and their employers need support to create a sustainable work situation for the returning employee. SWEPPE will be developed via a user-centered-design involving patients with chronic pain, employers and technical staff, as well as important factors identified in previous research.

This research project is in progress during 2020-2023 and is financed by FORTE. Participants involved in the project: Christina Turesson and Mathilda Björk LIU, Gunilla Liedberg Pain and Rehabilitation center Region Östergötland, Björn Äng and Linda Vixner Högskolan Dalarna and Monica Löfgren Karolinska Institutet.

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  • I teach at the occupational therapy program where I am involved in courses with focus on activity and functioning, hand rehabilitation, evidence based practice and scientific methods. 

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