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Madeleine Abrandt Dahlgren


I am research leader and subject representative for Medical Education at Linköping University.

Research in Medical Education

Medical Education encompasses all professional university education within medicine and health sciences, with a particular focus on learning and teaching at all levels. 

Medical Education as a field of research in Linköping also expands and advances the research object for the future even further to encompass a practice oriented focus on the nexus of relationships that include students, faculty, professionals and patients in health care practice.

My research in Medical Education

I am Subject Representative and Research Leader for the Medical Education Research Group at LiU since 2012. I have published widely within the field of higher education particularly regarding the relationship between professional/higher education and professional work on the basis of the findings within an extensive international research program covering three generations, conducted in the period 2001-2008. The project was financially supported by a grant from the Fifth Framework of the European Commission of the European Union and was entitled ‘Students as Journeymen between cultures of Higher Education and Work’.

About me

Networks and Collaboration

My research group within Medical Education focuses on pedagogical processes within the socio-material practices of health care and medical education, such as interprofessional learning, simulation-based medical education and patient learning. I am also developing research on these issues in international collaboration with the network on Professional Practice, Education and Learning (ProPel) co-ordinated via Stirling University, UK, and the Work-Life-Learning-Change program at UTS, Sydney, Australia.

Field of Teaching

  • Interprofessional Learning at basic level education
  • Master's programme in Occupational Therapy/Public Health Sciences/Speech and Language Pathology/Medical Education/Nursing/Physiotherapy
  • PhD-seminars in Medical Education 



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