15 March 2022

A spectrum stretching from modelling and visualisation to research on cancer, and including pharmaceutical companies. This and more is what is meant by the term “biomedical engineering”. It is also what those who attend to the BME@LiU conference in April of 2022 will find.

Gunnar Cedersund is standing in front of a screen and is pointing at a graph on the screen.
Gunnar Cedersund is chairman of the program committee for BME@LiU 2022. Emma Busk Winquist

This is the third year of the conference, which focusses on biomedical engineering. The conference programme has been created by a committee consisting of colleagues from institutions and forums from all over Linköping University, and the whole conference has been arranged by the Department of Biomedical Engineering (IMT).

– This is a way for us at the Department of Biomedical Engineering to think not just about our own individual researchers, but also more inclusively with regards to biomedical engineering generally at LiU. This is exactly the kind of role that we want to play – one where we take responsibility for and contribute to a whole area, says Gunnar Cedersund, who is senior lecturer and docent at IMT, as well as chairperson for the programme committee.

BME@LiU 2022 becomes a hybrid

Last year, the conference was held digitally – something which turned out to work well. The organisers have, therefore, chosen to retain certain digital elements in combination with physical attendance.

– The advantage of physical attendance is that we can meet people face to face, which many researchers have longed for. There are also many pros with all the informal discussions and meetings, and the energy that arises from meeting physically and interacting with each other.

Gunnar Cedersund believes, however, that the advantage of broadcasting the conference online is that anybody can participate.

– By broadcasting in this way, we hope to be able to make an impression outside the university, and show that we are a strong node for technology.

Consider the range of things that this conference focusses on, it can be hard to describe exactly what one might do when visiting the conference – but, according to the organisers, this is one of the conference’s strengths.

– Biomedical engineering is an old concept has been around for a long time, but it also involves a lot of new, hyped concepts, and we wanted to use this conference to show that it is an area in which many can feel at home.

Why should somebody visit BME@LiU 2022?

– To see cool examples of this exact combination between technology and medicine. To be inspired by it, and to network with other people who are either on your side of the spectrum or the other side. Here you can discuss details about your own use of biomedical engineering, and you can also discuss collaborations with other. Students will learn about interesting companies and degree project placements, and be able to see new, exciting cutting-edge research. PhD students can come and see this research at the same time as being able to present their own. Presentations will be chosen from each section, and we have representatives on the committee who will ensure that PhD students are given the opportunity to present.

So there's something for everybody?

– Yes, even companies will have the chance to discover exciting research, and to present what they’re doing. For example, they could display a video, or have a physical stall with posters. Or both. There's no reason not to come!

Translation: Benjamin Davies


  • April 28, 08.00 - 17.00
  • Campus US and digital
  • Registration is open until April 14
  • The conference is for those who are interested in biomedical engineering
  • More information via this link (click here)


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