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Hans Arnqvist



Hans Arnqvist, Johnny Ludvigsson, Maria Nordwall (2024) Early increase in HbA1c trajectory predicts development of severe microangiopathy in patients with type 1 diabetes: the VISS study BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care, Vol. 12, Artikel e003917 Vidare till DOI


Hans Arnqvist, Per Leandersson, Anna Spångeus (2023) Vitamin D status in longstanding type 1 diabetes and controls. Association with upper extremity impairments Upsala Journal of Medical Sciences, Vol. 128 Vidare till DOI
Lee Ti Davidson, Ulf Martin Schilling, Hans J. Arnqvist, Fredrik H. Nyström, Simona Ioana Chisalita (2023) Association of physiological stress markers at the emergency department to readmission and death within 90 days: a prospective observational study Upsala Journal of Medical Sciences, Vol. 128, Artikel e9300 Vidare till DOI


Lee Ti Davidson, Emilia Gauffin, Preben Henanger, Maciej Wajda, Daniel Wilhelms, Bertil Ekman, Hans Arnqvist, Martin Schilling, Ioana Simona Chisalita (2022) Admission of patients with chest pain and/or breathlessness from the emergency department in relation to risk assessment and copeptin levels - an observational study Upsala Journal of Medical Sciences, Vol. 127, Artikel e8941 Vidare till DOI
Hans Arnqvist, Malin C. Westerlund, Mats Fredrikson, Johnny Ludvigsson, Maria Nordwall (2022) Impact of HbA(1c) Followed 32 Years From Diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes on Development of Severe Retinopathy and Nephropathy: The VISS Study Diabetes Care, Vol. 45, s. 2675-2682 Vidare till DOI


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