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Sebastian Buck



Charlotte Wåhlin, Sebastian Buck, Paul Enthoven, Maria Andreassen, Jan Sandqvist, Patrik Haraldsson, Jenni Fock, Emma Nilsing Strid (2024) Risk assessment of healthcare workers' exposure to physical load in relation to patient handling and movement: a feasibility study of the instrument TilThermometer BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders, Vol. 25, Artikel 399 Vidare till DOI


Charlotte Wåhlin, Sebastian Buck, Jan Sandqvist, Paul Enthoven, Jenni Fock, Maria Andreassen, Emma Nilsing Strid (2023) Evaluation of the implementation and effectiveness of a multifactorial intervention strategy for safe patient handling and movement in the healthcare sector: a study protocol of a cluster randomised controlled trial BMJ Open, Vol. 13, Artikel e067693 Vidare till DOI


Sebastian Buck, Jan Sandqvist, Emma Nilsing Strid, Hanneke J. J. Knibbe, Paul Enthoven, Charlotte Wåhlin (2022) Translation and cross-cultural adaptation of the risk assessment instrument TilThermometer for a Swedish version - patient handling in the healthcare sector BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders, Vol. 23, Artikel 531 Vidare till DOI

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