e-Hälsa bidrag

The Strategic Research Area ‘eHealth’ has the goal to establish LiU/RÖ, as a centre of research on eHealth and a centre of expertise of medical-technical co-operation in eHealth, from development to implementation. Collaboration between LiU, RÖ, industry or other partners is vital.

We have 3 types of grants for the year 2022-2023. 

General instructions

  •  Submission for the collaboration grant closes on November 1, 2022
  •  Submission for the international Post doc visiting grants and the Invite a researcher grant are open all year
  • Submission to be sent to nora.ostrup@liu.se
  • Submission should be written in English
  • The grant submission should be uniquely submitted to the Strategic Research Area ‘eHealth

    1. Collaboration grants (up to SEK 200,000) to be used for new project ideas in eHealth research that are made in collaboration.

      This grant aims to increase collaboration between LiU, RÖ, industry, municipality (kommun) or other partners. The grant should be used for a concrete starting project that designs or evaluates eHealth applications.
      The project has to be able to be performed within the grant amount. Funds may not be used to supplement previously-secured funding or toward salary support for a senior researcher

      Applications include:
      - project idea and knowledge gap, research question and aims, methodology, timeline and expected outcome, budget (2 pages)
      - CV of the main applicant (2 page),
      - Publication list (max 2 pages)
      - Description of the partners, (at least 2 collaboration partners should co-apply)

    2. International Post doc visiting grants (up to SEK 100,000)

      This grant aims to give a post doc the opportunity to visit a research group or mentor from another international university and to spend time (minimum 2 weeks) with the research group or mentor.

      Applications include
      - Application: rationale, detailed plans for the visit (max 2 A4)
      - Letter of intent of the research group / mentor to visit stating that the post doc is welcome
      - CV of post doc (max 2 pages)
      - Publication list of applicant and host. (max 2 pages) 

    3. Invite a researcher grant (up to SEK 100,000)

      This grant aims to give research groups at LiU/RÖ the opportunity to invite a researcher from another university (international or Swedish) to spend time (minimum 2 weeks) with /in the research group. Junior researchers at LiU/RÖ that apply for this grant (<5 years after dissertation) will be prioritized for funding to bring in another researcher.

      Applications include:
      - Application: rationale, detailed plans for the visit, motivation of contribution of the visit to SRA eHealth (Max 2 A4)
      - Letter of intent of the person who will visit
      - CV (2 page)
      - Publication list of applicant and guest (max 2 pages)


      All grant proposals will be reviewed by 2 reviewers from our international advisory board.