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A man in a suit holds a green plant in his hand.

17 July 2024

LiU involved in a megastudy on climate behaviour

What is the best way to make people behave in a more climate-friendly way? Researchers at Linköping University and Karolinska Institutet have contributed to a worldwide study on this topic.

09 July 2024

Nerve damage from cancer treatment can be predicted

Many women treated for breast cancer using taxanes, a type of cytostatic drug, often experience side effects in the nervous system. Researchers at LiU have developed a tool that can predict the risk level for each individual.

Woman in safety helmet.

05 July 2024

Her mission is difficult – but fun and achievable

We are in the midst of a tough transition towards more sustainable development. This requires innovation and knowledge, says Marie Trogstam, a LiU alumna who is now head of sustainability and infrastructure at the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise.

Closeup of small pieces of liver in a petri dish.

28 June 2024

A liver biopsy may predict spread of pancreatic cancer

Microscopic changes in the liver can be used to predict spread of pancreatic cancer. The discovery may provide new ways of predicting the course of the disease and preventing pancreatic cancer from spreading to other organs.

26 June 2024

The world's largest eye research organization praises LiU researchers

Neil Lagali and Mehrdad Rafat earn global acclaim, winning ARVO Foundation's 2023 Point of View Award. Recognized by the world's largest eye research organization, their work in regenerative ophthalmology offers new hope for vision restoration.

Woman with arms crossed.

25 June 2024

She wants to make robots behave better

Researcher Hannah Pelikan believes that we will see increased conflicts between humans and robots in the future.  In her research, she films everyday encounters between humans and machines to see what happens.

Two men in a computer server hall.

24 June 2024

International collaboration lays the foundation for AI for materials

AI is accelerating the development of new materials. Large-scale use and exchange of data on materials is facilitated by a broad international standard. A major international collaboration now presents an extended version of the OPTIMADE standard.

Female PhD student lectures to master's students in the lab.

20 June 2024

From sketches to a robot with artificial intelligence

How do you develop a product with as little human involvement as possible? LiU students built a robot using generative artificial intelligence.

A woman in lab clothes in a lab.

19 June 2024

What does a research engineer do?

"We often call ourselves problem solvers," says research engineer Susanne Karlsson. It all started with studies in chemistry. 32 years later, she looks at her workplace and her job as "a fantastic environment where no day is ever the same."

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15 July 2024

Graduate courses at IFM

Here is a presentation of second and third cycle courses given for IFM's doctoral students.

3D particle system that's built by a flow of strings, generated in wave.

15 July 2024

Tema's DataLab

The DATA LAB is a forum for collaborative co-creation and experimentation with diverse forms of doing and communicating academic knowledge.

illustration of calendar with marked late date

11 July 2024

Refunds of tuition fees

Linköping University will only refund tuition fees if you have applied for a refund before the day of the roll call. In order to be considered for a refund, you need to contact us and submit a “Request for Refund” form.

Image of ISBN bar code

08 July 2024

Administration of ISBN

Dissertations and books published at Linköping University receive an ISBN. Dissertations are also given a number in the dissertation series it is part of. At LiU, the library administer the assignment of ISBNs and dissertation numbers.

Illustration money

08 July 2024

How to pay your tuition fees

Tuition fee payments are paid in advance instalments, one semester at a time. Pay-online or via bank transfer. Check our chart for your first instalment amount in Swedish kronor (SEK).

 Energy management within the shipping and the manufacturing sectors.

04 July 2024

Energy management in the shipping and manufacturing sectors

The research project is analyzing how energy management is conducted in Swedish manufacturing and shipping industries.

People in a conversation.

03 July 2024

SeGRID Western Balkans

Here you’ll find the practical information and application process for the Western Balkans course.

Two people in a medical laboratory.

02 July 2024

Exchange studies biomedical laboratory science

This programme is taught in its entirety in Swedish, and it is therefore not possible for us to receive students taking courses within the programme.  Students from our partner universities are welcome to undertake a project course.

Picture of speed friending.

02 July 2024

Peer student

Our peer student programme gives you an opportunity to get to know your new city, make new friends and experience the rich student life at LiU.