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Three people behind a drill

23 februari 2024

Their project must stand up to a space trip

The students from LiU were given a dream assignment: develop a pressure-resistant device. A device that contains an experiment. And is to be launched into space.

young man taking a break from running.

22 februari 2024

Physical fitness in adolescence linked to less atherosclerosis later

Men who were physically fit when they were young had a lower risk of atherosclerosis almost 40 years later. These findings suggest that atherosclerosis is one of the mechanisms behind the link between physical fitness and cardiovascular disease.

Two female student, dissasembling an Ikea product.

14 februari 2024

Students disassemble Ikea products

This is part of a research project in which LiU students get to collaborate with the Swedish furniture giant. The students document possibility of repairing, replacing and reusing.

A smiling man in a blue jacket and a lightblue shirt

13 februari 2024

Innovative semiconductor research from LiU to Silicon Valley

LiU alumnus and doctoral student Ivan Martinovic swapped Swedish winter for a warmer climate and headed for Silicon Valley.  He represents the LEAD company Polar Light Technologies in Berkeley SkyDeck’s sought-after accelerator programme.

12 februari 2024

The astronomer who turned his eyes towards Earth

Magnus Gålfalk was ten years old when he became fascinated with space. His doctoral thesis was about how stars are formed. But now he is doing climate research at Linköping University instead.

Researchers in a lab.

08 februari 2024

Boosted nano material to secure hip implant

Cellular biologist Anna Fahlgren has  teamed up with materials scientist Emma Björk. Together, they will use nano materials that may contribute to a better healing process and faster recovery for the patient.

Four people at a table look towards the camera

06 februari 2024

“Got further than I could have imagined”

LiU’s interdisciplinary investment in e-health is here to stay. In a course, students from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences are working together with students from the Faculty of Science and Engineering to develop digital solutions.

AI-generated image with a robot attempting to write the word security.

02 februari 2024

How can AI be made secure and used to create safety?

Recently, a full-day seminar on AI and Security was held at Linköping University. The seminar was organized by SWECA in collaboration with Linköping University, the County Administrative Board of Östergötland, and The Swedish Police Authority.

Researchers interact with a reading robot.

02 februari 2024

Studying whether a robot can awaken children’s interest in reading

Researchers at Linköping University are studying whether a reading robot can increase fourth graders’ interest in reading. The interdisciplinary project brings together researchers in technology, cognition and pedagogy.

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Avhandlingar. Theses

23 februari 2024

PhD Programme in Child Studies

At Child Studies, we conduct research about children and childhood from a child perspective. As a doctoral student, you become part of an interdisciplinary and vibrant research environment that will support and challenge you in your work.

Illustration money

23 februari 2024

How to pay your tuition fees

Tuition fee payments are paid in advance instalments, one semester at a time. Pay-online or via bank transfer. Check our chart for your first instalment amount in Swedish kronor (SEK).

Illustration roll call

23 februari 2024

Mandatory roll call

All programmes at Linköping University start with a mandatory roll call. What is it and why is it so important? Here you will find all information you need about the roll call.

Adult education

22 februari 2024

Courses within the doctoral programmes at the Department of Culture and Society

The Department of Culture and Society offers a variety of graduate courses within the humanities and social sciences. The courses are offered to doctoral students at Linköping University and other institutions of higher education.

22 februari 2024

Entry requirements, admission and study plans

Here you will find information about entry requirements, admission and study plans for doctoral studies at the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

22 februari 2024

LiU in figures

Linköping University has 40,400 students and 4,500 employees. Its income is SEK 4.9 billion. More figures from the LiU annual report can be found here.

21 februari 2024


The MS2E strategic centre, active between 2006 and 2012, focused on providing stong research platform and framework for cooperation between organisations in advanced surface engineering and nanotechnology for tools, components, contacts and sensors.

21 februari 2024

Sustainable digitalisation in the smart grids

With a focus on different starting points, expression and effects of digitization in the smart grid, we focus on a number of contemporary applications. We are interested in development processes and use in our study.

21 februari 2024

Data Actors in the Digital Energy Grid

In this project we explore the politics and practices that emerge as Big Tech and start-ups from the digital economy reshape energy infrastructures in Sweden.