I received a Laurea degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Padova, Italy, in 1996 and a PhD in Optimization and Systems Theory from the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, in 2001. I then moved to SISSA (International School for Advanced Studies) in Trieste, Italy, where I stayed until 2013. Since 2014 I am a Professor in Automatic Control in the Department of Electrical Engineering, Linkoping University.


My research interests are broadly in the area of modeling and control of nonlinear dynamical systems. Over the years I have been involved with very different applications, ranging from robotics to quantum mechanics, from biological systems to complex networks. In the last few years the focus of my research has been almost exclusively on Modeling and Control of Complex Networks, for applications in Engineering and Technology, Systems Biology and Social Networks.

Selected Publications

Complex Networks:

  • G. Shi, C. Altafini and J. Baras. Dynamics over Signed Networks. SIAM Review, 61(2):229-257, 2019.
  • C Altafini. Consensus problems on networks with antagonistic interactions. IEEE Trans. on Automatic Control, 58 (4), 935-946, 2013.
  • G Facchetti, G Iacono, C Altafini. Computing global structural balance in large-scale signed social networks. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (52), 20953-20958, 2011.

Systems Biology:

  • G De Palo, G Facchetti, M Mazzolini, A Menini, V Torre, C Altafini. Common dynamical features of sensory adaptation in photoreceptors and olfactory sensory neurons. Scientific reports 3:1251, 2013.
  • G Facchetti, M Zampieri, C Altafini Predicting and characterizing selective multiple drug treatments for metabolic diseases and cancer. BMC systems biology 6 (1), 115, 2013.
  • N. Soranzo, F. Ramezani, G. Iacono and C. Altafini. Decompositions of large-scale biological systems based on dynamical properties. Bioinformatics, 28(1):76-83, 2012.

Quantum Control:

  • C. Altafini and F. Ticozzi. Modeling and Control of Quantum Systems: An Introduction, (tutorial paper) Special Issue on Quantum Control of the IEEE Trans. on Automatic Control, 57(8):1898-1917, 2012.

See my Google scholar page for a complete list.


From 2020 I am teaching the TSRT09 Control Theory course.
In 2014-19 I was teaching the TSRT62 Modeling and Simulation course.

I am also responsible for the PhD course Nonlinear Control, normally given every second year. In 2015 I taught two other PhD courses: Networked Dynamical Systems and Systems Biology: nonlinear mechanistic models.

Master Thesis proposals

I have several topics for Master thesis for Engineering students. Contact me if interested.

Latest Publications



Rasmus Magnusson, Olof Rundquist, Min Jung Kim, Sandra Hellberg, Chan Hyun Na, Mikael Benson, David Gomez-Cabrero, Ingrid Kockum, Jesper N. Tegner, Fredrik Piehl, Maja Jagodic, Johan Mellergård, Claudio Altafini, Jan Ernerudh, Maria Jenmalm, Colm Nestor, Min-Sik Kim, Mika Gustafsson (2022) RNA-sequencing and mass-spectrometry proteomic time-series analysis of T-cell differentiation identified multiple splice variants models that predicted validated protein biomarkers in inflammatory diseases Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences, Vol. 9, Article 916128 Continue to DOI

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