David Bergström

PhD student



Resmi Ramachandranpillai, Md Fahim Sikder, David Bergström, Fredrik Heintz (2024) Bt-GAN: Generating Fair Synthetic Healthdata via Bias-transforming Generative Adversarial Networks The journal of artificial intelligence research, Vol. 79, p. 1313-1341 Continue to DOI


Mattias Tiger, David Bergström, Simon Wijk Stranius, Evelina Holmgren, Daniel de Leng, Fredrik Heintz (2023) On-Demand Multi-Agent Basket Picking for Shopping Stores 2023 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), p. 5793-5799 Continue to DOI


Mattias Tiger, David Bergström, Andreas Norrstig, Fredrik Heintz (2021) Enhancing Lattice-Based Motion Planning With Introspective Learning and Reasoning IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, Vol. 6, p. 4385-4392 Continue to DOI


Fredrik Präntare, Mattias Tiger, David Bergström, Herman Appelgren, Fredrik Heintz (2020) Towards Utilitarian Combinatorial Assignment with Deep Neural Networks and Heuristic Algorithms


David Bergström, Mattias Tiger, Fredrik Heintz (2019) Bayesian optimization for selecting training and validation data for supervised machine learning 31st annual workshop of the Swedish Artificial Intelligence Society (SAIS 2019), Umeå, Sweden, June 18-19, 2019.

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