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Tommy Persson

Research Engineer



Patrick Doherty, Patrik Haslum, Fredrik Heintz, Torsten Merz, Per Nyblom, Tommy Persson, Björn Wingman (2004) A Distributed Architecture for Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Experimentation 7th International Symposium on Distributed Autonomous Robotic Systems,2004, p. 221-


Måns Engman, Tommy Persson, Peter Fritzson (1998) Generating Parallel Graphics Code from Symbolic-algebra Specifications


Dag Fritzson, Peter Fritzson, Patrik Nordling, Tommy Persson (1997) Rolling Bearing Simulation on MIMD Computers The international journal of high performance computing applications, Vol. 11, p. 299-313 Continue to DOI


Tommy Persson, Peter Fritzson (1996) Parallel implementation of image reconstruction for the CARABAS long-wave penetrating radar High-Performance Computing and Networking, p. 327-332 Continue to DOI

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