Photo of Magnus Bång

Magnus Bång

Senior Associate Professor




Gianluca Manca, Nilavra Bhattacharya, Sylvia Maczey, Dawid Ziobro, Emmanuel Brorsson, Magnus Bång (2023) XAIProcessLens: A Counterfactual-Based Dashboard for Explainable AI in Process Industries HHAI 2023: AUGMENTING HUMAN INTELLECT, p. 401-403 Continue to DOI
M. Cocchioni, S. Bonelli, Carl Westin, C. Borst, Magnus Bång, B. Hilburn (2023) Learning for Air Traffic Management: guidelines for future AI systems 12TH EASN INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON "INNOVATION IN AVIATION & SPACE FOR OPENING NEW HORIZONS", Article 012105 Continue to DOI
Elmira Zohrevandi, Emmanuel Brorsson, Andreas Darnell, Magnus Bång, Jonas Lundberg, Anders Ynnerman (2023) Design of an Ecological Visual Analytics Interface for Operators of Time-Constant Processes 2023 IEEE Visualization and Visual Analytics (VIS), p. 131-135 Continue to DOI


Erik Prytz, Carl-Oscar Jonson, Sofie Pilemalm, Rebecca Stenberg, Tobias Andersson Granberg, Magnus Bång, Susanna Lönnqvist (2021) Tillbaka till Framtidens Skadeplats: Scenarier och resultat
Weixian Zhong, Sameer Alam, Yixiang Lim, Nimrod Lilith, Billy Josefsson, Jonas Lundberg, Magnus Bång (2021) NIRS-based Cognitive Assessment of Safety-Critical Air Traffic Operations 2021 9TH IEEE INTERNATIONAL WINTER CONFERENCE ON BRAIN-COMPUTER INTERFACE (BCI), p. 302-307 Continue to DOI