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Md Fahim Sikder

PhD student



Resmi Ramachandranpillai, Md Fahim Sikder, David Bergström, Fredrik Heintz (2024) Bt-GAN: Generating Fair Synthetic Healthdata via Bias-transforming Generative Adversarial Networks The journal of artificial intelligence research, Vol. 79, p. 1313-1341 Continue to DOI


Md Fahim Sikder, Md Ferdous, Shraboni Afroz, Uzzal Podder, Kaniz Fatema, Mohammad Nahid Hossain, Md Tahmid Hasan, Mrinal Kanti Baowaly (2023) Explainable Bengali Multiclass News Classification 2023 26th International Conference on Computer and Information Technology (ICCIT) Continue to DOI
Resmi Ramachandranpillai, Md Fahim Sikder, Fredrik Heintz (2023) Fair Latent Deep Generative Models (FLDGMs) for Syntax-Agnostic and Fair Synthetic Data Generation

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