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Linda Mannila

Associate visiting professor



Linda Mannila, Fredrik Heintz (2023) Introducing programming and computational thinking in grades 1-9: Sweden in an international context Programming and computational thinking in technology education: Swedish and international perspectives, p. 60-88
Linda Mannila (2023) Viewing the Finnish national curriculum through AI glasses: participatory design for integrating AI in grades 1-9
Filip Strömbäck, Linda Mannila, Mariam Kamkar (2023) Using Model-Checking and Peer-Grading to Provide Automated Feedback to Concurrency Exercises in Progvis ACE '23: Proceedings of the 25th Australasian Computing Education Conference, p. 11-20 Continue to DOI
Linda Mannila, Teemu Leinonen, Merja Bauters, Marjaana Veermans (2023) Student and teacher co-agency when combining CT with arts and design in a cross-curricular project Computers and Education Open, Vol. 4, Article 100132 Continue to DOI
Linda Mannila, Mia Skog (2023) "Look at our smart shoe" - a scalable online concept for introducing design as part of computational thinking in grades 1-6 22ND ANNUAL ACM INTERACTION DESIGN AND CHILDREN CONFERENCE, IDC 2023: Rediscovering Childhood, p. 222-232 Continue to DOI

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