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Marie Cronqvist


I am a professor of modern history. My research is focused on cultural and media historical perspectives on Swedish and European postwar history, Cold War entanglements, information and propaganda, civil defence, and preparedness.

If the war comes - mediated narratives of fear and safety

In my research, I am interested in how the emotionology of societal threats and fears, but also safety and security, has been communicated in modern societies in general and the Cold War in particular. I am particularly interested in the role of the media in the shaping, strengthening and sometimes challenging of cultural communities. In several projects, I have investigated Swedish and European civil defence cultures, information and propaganda, and Third World War imaginaries, as well as the relationship and collaboration between East and West in the field of broadcast media.

Since 2024, I am a full professor of modern history at the Department of Culture and Society (IKOS) at Linköping University. My main affiliation is the Division for History, Arts, and Religious Studies, where I am director of research and Ph D education.

Prior to this position at Linköping University, I was head of the subject Media History at the Department of Communication and Media (KOM) at Lund University, Sweden. I have been a visiting scholar at the Leibniz Institute for Media Research/Hans-Bredow-Institut (HBI) in Hamburg, the European University Institute in Florence, and the Centre for Media History at Macquarie University in Sydney. I am a member of the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences (KVA) class X, the Royal Society for the Humanities at Lund, and the New Society of Letters at Lund.

For a full list of publications prior to 2024, see my page in the Lund University Research Portal.

Ongoing research projects

Apocalyptic imaginaries from biblical to contemporary times

In the research program "At the end of the world" (RJ 2023–2028), 22 researchers from different universities and disciplines are investigating apocalyptic imaginaries as transhistorical phenomena. PI is Prof Jayne Svenungsson, Lund University.

Link to the program homepage

Sonic warnings and public announcements

In the project "Soundscapes of Warning" (VR-Säker, 2024–2026), different aspects of the Swedish public warning system Viktigt Meddelande till Allmänheten (VMA) and its historical development is studied, urban sirens as well as broadcast messages in radio and television. PI is Marie Cronqvist.

Link to project homepage.

Entangled Media Histories (EMHIS)

The Entangled Media Histories research network is a meeting point for around 50 scholars from about 15 European countries. The network investigates transnational and transmedial perspectives on media history. The network was founded in 2013 and until 2019 it was funded by STINT Institutional Grant. Network coordinator is Marie Cronqvist.

Link to EMHIS homepage.


Selected publications

Cover of publication 'Expanding Media Histories: Cultural and Material Perspectives'
Marie Cronqvist, Sune Bechmann Pedersen, Ulrika Holgersson (Editorship) (2023)
Cover of publication 'Cold War Civil Defence in Western Europe: Sociotechnical Imaginaries of Survival and Preparedness'
Marie Cronqvist, Rosanna Farbøl, Casper Sylvest (Editorship) (2022)
Cover of publication 'War Remains: Mediations of Suffering and Death in the Era of the World Wars'
Marie Cronqvist, Lina Sturfelt (Editorship) (2018)

Publications in DiVA


Marie Cronqvist (2024) Krig och katastrofer: Beredskap i krigstid
Marie Cronqvist (2024) Beredskapstid och framtidsfrid Framtidskompasser: En akademisk tankesmedja tar ut riktningar, p. 73-84
Marie Cronqvist, Weber Kajsa (2024) Elizabeth L. Eisenstein (1979) The Printing Press as an Agent of Change Classics in Media Theory
Marie Cronqvist (2024) Framtidskompasser: En akademisk tankesmedja tar ut riktningar


Marie Cronqvist (2023) Media Matters in the IKEA Home: Catalogues and Choreographies, 1951-2021 Expanding Media Histories: Cultural and Material Perspectives, p. 177-195


First, second, and third cycle teaching

I lecture, lead seminars, as well as supervise and examine theses on undergraduate and graduate level in history and in teacher education at LiU. I am responsible for the third cycle education in Historical studies and a contact point for the PhD students at the division, where I am also a supervisor and teacher. Together with Johanna Dahlin I am responsible for the supervision committee at Historical Studies and Tema Q.

PhD supervision at Lund University

Emma Hilborn (history, viva 2014, ass supervisor); Martin Ericsson (history, viva 2015, ass supervisor); Erik Edoff (media history, viva 2016, ass supervisor); Charlotte Nilsson (media history, viva 2020, main supervisor); Allan Burnett (media history, viva 2024, main supervisor); Christine Davidsson Sandal (media history, 2019–, ass supervisor); Eskil Vesterlund (media history, 2020–, main supervisor).

Postdocs and mentorship (selected)

Laura Sarenmaa (2016–2019, Crafoord foundation, Lund); Sune Bechmann Pedersen (2016–2017, Crafoord foundation, Lund); Charlie Järpvall (2017–2018, HT faculties, Lund); Betto van Waarden (2020–2022, EU Marie Curie Fellow, Lund); Rosanna Farbøl (2022–2023, Crafoord foundation, Lund).


PhD students and postdoctoral fellows at LiU