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Peter Cronemyr

Senior Associate Professor

To succeed process management should be introduced in stages in a structured way. Companies and organisations introduce advanced methods without the sufficient level of process maturity. These initiatives have often failed.

Process management - development, improvement and control of activities and business results

I conduct research and education within the area of process management. Process management is a structured approach to managing a business based on customer focus, improvement and employee involvement. It contains strategy, development and mapping of practices as well as measurement and monitoring.

Process Maturity

My research shows that the process management should be introduced in stages in a structured way to succeed. Companies and organizations sometimes introduce advanced methods without the sufficient level of process maturity. These initiatives have often failed. Based on empirical evidence from many companies, we have developed a process maturity model showing how to do the right things in the right way in the right order.

In brief one can describe the steps:

  • Strategic business needs
  • Process Awareness
  • Established processes
  • Data based process analysis and improvement
  • Process Control 

The process maturity model is continually developed.

Six Sigma - a structured data based approach to problem solving

I do research in the area of how to conduct Six Sigma projects and how to incorporate this way of working in organisations. The phases of a project are:

  • Define the problem and set goals
  • Measure/gather data on the problem and narrow down the problem
  • Analyse data to find significant root causes
  • Develop solutions/improvements that eliminates/reduces root causes
  • Measure, monitor and control the improved process 

Every year our students carry out about 15 Six Sigma projects within external organisations. These projects have been very successful.

Action research

When I was an industrial researcher for many years, I applied action research (interactive research). I am particularly interested in this approach and I am happy to help with coaching of students and the companies who want to use this method.

Brief facts


  • 2010 - Linköping University, Linköping, Assistant Professor in Quality Management.
  • 2009 - Propia AB, Norrköping, Senior Process Management Consultant.
  • 1996 - 2009 Siemens Industrial Turbines AB, Finspång. Global Six Sigma Master Black Belt (MBB), Business Excellence manager, etc.
  • 1984 - 1996 Saab Military Aircraft AB, Linköping. Project Manager, Process Developer, Loads Analysis Engineer, etc.





  • 2018 Docent in Quality Management, Linköping University. Specialisation in Process Management.
  • 2007 Ph.D. in Quality Sciences, Chalmers University, Göteborg, Sweden. Title: Six Sigma Management – Action Research with Some Contributions to Theories and Methods. 
  • 2000 Licentiate of Engineering in Quality Management, Linköping University, Linköping, Sweden. Title: Towards a Learning Organization for Product Development. 
  • 1990 M.Sc. in Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering, Linköpings University, Linköping, Sweden
  • 1984 Conscript Sergeant, A1, Linköping, Sweden
  • 1983 B.Sc., Berzeliusskolan, Linköping, Sweden

Other training

  • 2012 University pedagogics, Course design, Linköping University, Linköping, Sweden
  • 2003 Corporate Management Training, Siemens, Germany
  • 2002 Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, Alstom, Germany
  • 2001 Corporate Management Training, Alstom, Finspång, Sweden



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