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Mattias Elg


My research is concerned with conditions and models to successfully drive quality improvement and operational development in organisations in both the private and public sectors.

Guality improvement and operational development in organisations

The results of my research have contributed to better comparisons of care in several county-wide healthcare systems and to higher quality in industrial production in the energy, environmental and food industries.

Being able to measure performance and results is crucial for analyzing production processes and managing improvement processes. Improvement processes have contributed to more economical use of resources, sustainable development and improved work environment for employees and customers.

Measurement-based quality and improvement processes

Measurement-based quality and improvement processes are currently having an impact in more and more organizations, and are increasingly important for leadership and management. In operations-oriented research, quality and development processes are analyzed to conceptualize and try new methods. Numerical measurements and statistical analysis are an important basis for such methodological development, where my research has contributed to spotlighting variations in production and other processes. These kinds of methods help organizations translate abstract measurements into concrete changes and actions that increase quality. 

Quality improvement in healthcare

In cooperation with physicians and nurses, I has developed methods for quality improvement in healthcare, both in patient-centered individual contexts and for “open comparisons” on the national level. As research leader and currently head of the HELIX center, experiences from quality research join with pedagogical and theoretical organisational models, with a benefit for sustainable work life. The research at HELIX is based on interactive collaboration with companies, municipalities, county councils and labor market organizations in the region. 

I am a sought-after speaker and actively contributes to knowledge development within companies, municipalities and county councils as well as for students at several university departments. My research, besides extensive international scientific publication, has also been presented in textbooks and handbooks for practitioners. 



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