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Jason Martin

Associate Professor, Docent

I am a management researcher and in my research and lecturing I particularly focus on management practices and how organisations, in a sustainable way, organises and manages change that balances both adaptation and development.

Developing organisations and management capability for sustainable quality

The combination of technological development, demands for sustainability and social change affect the development of ways of working and work life in society. Knowledge about how these mechanisms impact the management of daily operations in organisations is central to understand how organisations change and develop capabilities in order to accommodate new and emerging customer needs. Customer driven and sustainable change in organisations are, to a high degree, characterised by well-functioning processes for knowledge development and organisational learning which in turn places competencies and capabilities in focus, and how these are developed to facilitate organisational change.

Brief facts

Dr Jason Martin is an Associate professor and Docent of quality management in the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Linköping University.

CV Summary

  • Associate professor of Quality Technology and Management
  • Course director and examiner for several university courses
  • PhD student supervisor 
  • Lecturer, public speaker and course leader within academy, business and public sector

Academic qualifications

  • Associate professor (Docent) of Industrial Engineering and Management with specialization in Quality Technology and management.
  • PhD in Industrial Engineering and Management with specialization in Quality Technology and management.
  • MSc in HRM/HRD. 
  • MA in Applied Ethics.

Previous experience

  • Lecturer in the Division of Logistics and Quality Management, IEI, LiU
  • Research assistant in the Division of Logistics and Quality Management, IEI, LiU
  • CEO for a subsidiary in an international construction material supplier group
  • Consultant in organisational development
  • Reserve officer in the Swedish Armed Forces
  • Commissioned officer in the Swedish Armed Forces

Other positions

  • Since 2020 an alternate member of the Board of Studies for Chemistry, Biology and Technology (KB) in the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Linköping University
  • Between 2018 and 2023 a board member in the board for the Centre for Applied Ethics (CTE) at Linköping University.  
  • Between 2020 and 2023 the coordinator for the research centre HELIX Competence Centre at Linköping University
  • Between 2019 and 2022 a researcher representative in the steering committee for the basic value project at Linköping University.


  • Winner of the Emerald Literati Awards Outstanding Paper Award in 2022


Jason Martin’s research is concerned with change management and organisational development in business environments characterized by digital and technological transformation. Dr Martin heads research projects and he is also a supervisor for doctoral students.

His research is mainly focused on competencies within management practices, in particular concerning leading and learning processes in operations within medium- and large-sized organisations, in both the private and public sector. In his research he adopts a systems and process perspective, utilizing knowledge and understanding about the common variation in processes, systems thinking and knowledge theory.

Based on his many years as a manager and leader in both public and private organisations he views knowledge on individual, work and organisational psychology, leadership and not least ethics as important components in order to study the conditions for a sustainable working life, encompassing processes for change, development and decision making in organisations.

Supervision of PhD students

Latest publications

Doctoral thesis


Jason Martin, Mattias Elg, Monica Kaltenbrunner (2024) Säkerhetskultur och säkerhetsbeteende som förebygger risker i militär verksamhet -en systematisk kunskapssammanställning Conference book Sustainable HRM and Working-Life Practices 17-19 JUNE 2024 Gothenburg
Daan Kabel, Jason Martin, Mattias Elg (2024) Paradoxical tensions during industry 4.0 integration within health care: managing tensions for quality improvement International Journal of Lean Six Sigma Continue to DOI
Andreas Wallo, Jason Martin, Mattias Elg, Ulrika Harlin, Ida Gremyr, Nina Bozic, Katrin Skagert, Anna Williamsson (2024) Charting the path to a sustainable, competitive and green industry in an era of rapid change: proposing a research agenda Cogent Business & Management, Vol. 11 Continue to DOI
Jason Martin, Per-Erik Ellström, Andreas Wallo, Mattias Elg (2024) Bridging the policy-practice gap: a dual challenge of organizational learning Learning Organization Continue to DOI
Maria Huge-Brodin, Uni Sallnäs, Jason Martin (2024) Learning in the supply chain to accelerate the electrification of freight transport


Mainly within the field of quality management in engineering programme courses on intermediate (BSc) and advanced (MSc) levels in the Department of Management and Engineering (IEI) at Linköping University.

Jason Martin is an examiner and course director for several intermediate and advanced level Civil Engineering programme courses within Quality Management and also research methodology. He also lectures in courses within Business Economics, Production Economics and Political Science.

Furthermore, he supervises and examines advanced level degree projects in engineering and management (TQIE33).

He also lectures within the field of pedagogy and human resource management and development (HRM/HRD) for the HR-programme and Pedagogy 1-4 at the Department of Behavioural Sciences and Learning (IBL) at Linköping University.

Jason has also led several courses arranged for external clients as a part of HELIX-Competence Centre at Linköping university.