PhD Student in Cognitive Science
Chair of LiUPhD, Linköping University PhD Network
Doctoral student representative in the IDA board
Board member of the IDA doctoral council


My research aim is to use knowledge and methods from Cognitive Science to investigate human-robot interaction.

Human-Robot Interaction

Human-robot interaction as a field aims to design and develop social robots that can interact with people in a natural and intuitive way. By looking at the cognitive and psychological limitations in humans the robots’ communication tools can be improved.

Social Robots for Older Adults

My research, more specific, is in social robots for older adults, especially in care homes. I study the real-world effects of social robots and how these robots can affect people’s mood, feeling of loneliness, stress etc., and over time. This research is centered around five areas:

1. Embodiment
2. Social influence
3. Behavioural complexity
4. Mental attributions
5. Emotions

Me, briefly

• Born 1994
• History of Ideas, Uppsala University, 2014
• Master of Science degree in Cognitive Science, Linköping University, 2019
• Doctoral Student in Cognitive Science, Linköping University - Currently

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