06 March 2024

"I want to work helping people, at an authority or within some organization. Political science is very interesting and provides good, general education."

Female and male student sitting in classrom.
Students Lovisa Karlsson and Edvin Karlsson.
Photo, female student.
Lovisa Karlsson, student.Ulrik Svedin
Lovisa Karlsson, studies the political science bachelor's program:
When we meet in the classroom, she is studying the single subject course State Building and Democratization in Africa and the Middle East (7.5 credits). She is taking the pol candidate program and next term she has been given the opportunity to go to the Netherlands as an exchange student. The course she is currently taking is a good continuation of previous courses.
- One reason why I chose it as a continuation course is that the teachers are very committed, says Lovisa Karlsson.

Male student
Ali Khidear, student.Ulrik Svedin
Ali Khidear says that it was his great interest in politics that led him here:
- Studying political science and international relations with a focus on the Middle East and Africa gives me a deeper understanding. We live in a complex society with globalisation affecting us. I can apply the theories I get from the course and understand how things are connected with how our European society looks like today.

Male student.
Alen Hadziahmetovic.Ulrik Svedin
Alen Hadziahmetovic:
- The courses in international relations give me a better understanding. I have a political interest from my father and grandfather, and I enjoy discussing and analysing political issues. I want to work internationally, perhaps within the EU at some authority, embassy or in some organization.

Photo, male Student.
Edvin Karlsson, studies political science.Ulrik Svedin
Edvin Karlsson has chosen his own path:
- I am putting together my own course package in political science and economics. Then it fits very well that the sub-courses are single subject course. I attended the Natural Sciences program in upper secondary school and I want to continue studying at the university, but I was a bit tired of maths. Political science is very interesting. I like that the teachers encourage us to analyse, he says.


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