Fotografi av Sture Hägglund

Sture Hägglund

Professor emeritus




Mattias Arvola, Mathias Nordvall, Sture Hägglund, Lars Hult, Katarina Bohm (2016) Multi-Touchpoint Design of Multimodal Healthcare Services


Leili Lind, Aseel Berglund, Erik Berglund, Magnus Bång, Sture Hägglund (2010) Effortless data capture for ambient e-services with digital pen and paper technology Designing Solution-Based Ubiquitous and Pervasive Computing: New Issues and Trends, s. 24-43 Vidare till DOI


Lillemor Wallgren, Sture Hägglund (2004) The Industry Doctoral Student: An educational challenge for academia and industry Creative Knowledge Environments: the influences on creativity in research and innovation, s. 104-125
Sture Hägglund, Karl-Mårten Karlsson (2004) E-government as a Force for Change in the Information Society Baltic IT Review, The, Vol. 32


Vivian Vimarlund, Sture Hägglund (2003) Communicating in the Home. A research Agenda for the Emerging Area of Home Informatics Proc of the 10th International Conference on Human Computer Interaction (HCII2003)