Fotografi av Bahram Moshfegh

Bahram Moshfegh

Professor, Avdelningschef



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Pavel Romanov, Mohammad Jahedi, Anders Petersson, Bahram Moshfegh, Mattias Calmunger (2023) Quenching of Carbon Steel Plates with Water Impinging Jets: Differential Properties and Fractography Procedia Structural Integrity, Vol. 43, s. 154-159 Vidare till DOI


Harald Andersson, Mathias Cehlin, Bahram Moshfegh (2022) A Numerical and Experimental Investigation of a Confluent Jets Ventilation Supply Device in a Conference Room Energies, Vol. 15, Artikel 1630 Vidare till DOI
Martin Eriksson, Jan Akander, Bahram Moshfegh (2022) Investigating Energy Use in a City District in Nordic Climate Using Energy Signature Energies, Vol. 15, Artikel 1907 Vidare till DOI