Fotografi av Katerina Vrotsou

Katerina Vrotsou

Universitetslektor, Docent



Peilin Yu, Aida Nordman, Lothar Meyer, Supathida Boonsong, Katerina Vrotsou (2023) Interactive Transformations and Visual Assessment of Noisy Event Sequences: An Application in En-Route Air Traffic Control 2023 IEEE 16TH PACIFIC VISUALIZATION SYMPOSIUM, PACIFICVIS, s. 92-101 Vidare till DOI
Aida Nordman, Lothar Meyer, Karl Johan Klang, Jonas Lundberg, Katerina Vrotsou (2023) Extraction of CD & R Work Phases from Eye-Tracking and Simulator Logs: A Topic Modelling Approach AEROSPACE, Vol. 10, Artikel 595 Vidare till DOI
Veronika Domova, Katerina Vrotsou (2023) A Model for Types and Levels of Automation in Visual Analytics: A Survey, a Taxonomy, and Examples IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, Vol. 29, s. 3550-3568 Vidare till DOI
Katerina Vrotsou, Carlo Navarra, Kostiantyn Kucher, Igor Fedorov, Fredrik Schück, Jonas Unger, Tina-Simone Neset (2023) Towards a Volunteered Geographic Information-Facilitated Visual Analytics Pipeline to Improve Impact-Based Weather Warning Systems Atmosphere, Vol. 14, Artikel 1141 Vidare till DOI


Lise Styve, Carlo Navarra, Julie Maria Petersen, Tina-Simone Neset, Katerina Vrotsou (2022) A Visual Analytics Pipeline for the Identification and Exploration of Extreme Weather Events from Social Media Data Climate, Vol. 10, s. 174-174 Vidare till DOI


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