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Magnus Nord



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Åsa Sax, Magnus Nord, Elisabet Cedersund, Anna Olaison, Annette Sverker, Lisa Kastbom (2023) Trustful conversations: a qualitative interview study on older patients experiences of the intervention Proactive healthcare in a Swedish primary care setting Primary Health Care Research and Development, Vol. 24, Artikel e53 Vidare till DOI


Anna Olaison, Elisabet Cedersund, Jan Marcusson, Magnus Nord, Annette M. Sverker (2022) 'Do you have a future when you are 93?' Frail older person's perceptions about the future and end of life - a qualitative interview study in primary care Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care, Vol. 40, s. 417-425 Vidare till DOI
Magnus Nord (2022) Proactive Primary Care for Older Adults at High Risk of Hospital Admission
Magnus Nord, Johan Lyth, Jan Marcusson, Jenny Alwin (2022) Cost-Effectiveness of Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment Adapted to Primary Care Journal of the American Medical Directors Association, Vol. 23, s. 2003-2009 Vidare till DOI