Fotografi av Roozbeh Feiz

Roozbeh Feiz

Universitetslektor, Docent



Giacomo Carraro, Roozbeh Feiz, Karin Tonderski, Alex Enrich Prast (2024) Unaccounted energy saving from the nitrogen output of biogas plants Resources, Conservation and Recycling Vidare till DOI


Axel Lindfors, Roozbeh Feiz (2023) The current Nordic biogas and biofertilizer potential: An inventory of established feedstock and current technology


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Roozbeh Feizaghaii, Giacomo Carraro, Claudio Brienza, Erik Meers, Marieke Verbeke, Karin Tonderski (2022) Systems analysis of digestate primary processing techniques Waste Management, Vol. 150, s. 352-363 Vidare till DOI
Genevieve Metson, Roozbeh Feiz Aghaei, Ida Lindegaard, Tove Ranggård, Nils-Hassan Quttineh, Emma Gunnarsson (2022) Not all sites are created equal - Exploring the impact of constraints to suitable biogas plant locations in Sweden Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol. 349, Artikel 131390 Vidare till DOI